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Leith Lives

The stories of the men, women and children who have shaped the very history of Leith and made it a place to be proud of.

Thank you to all the Leithers who have spoken to us over the years.  Long may the sun shine on you!

Apr 29, 2020

Once again our regular volunteer Stan Eadie tells us about his younger days in Leith. This time we are knocking about the Kirkgate. We're in Michael's cafe with it's Teddy Boys and juke box. We hear of the businesses in this busy shopping area, nearby cinemas and being watched by the undertaker from his doorway....

Apr 29, 2020

Stan Eadie was born (1936) and raised in Leith. Apart from a short time in London he has always lived in Pitt Street, Leith. He is a regular volunteer at our Wee Museum of Memory at Ocean Terminal. Stan is pictured at Trinity Academy in 1948- 49. Back row, second from right.

Here he talks about playing on the street,...

Mar 30, 2020

Frank Condie was born in 1938 and was brought up in Leith, around Bonnington Rd. He talks us through school days, doing a milk round, memories of war, going to the pictures, the dancing, The Gaiety Theatre and an apprenticeship in Henry Robb's ship yard. He also chooses some favourite music- Izzy Bonn, Billy Daniels,...

Mar 25, 2020

George Hackland was born in Newhaven in 1920 but worked in Leith from 1934 until the begining of World War Two. Here he evocatively describes the businesses, industry, shops and buildings in the Streets around where he worked in Dock Street. Recorded in 2013 at The Living Memory Assocation premises, right in the heart...


Mar 9, 2020

Shows dedicated to the life stories of individuals. Memories and stories in people's own words. Whether this be a distant childhood memory of a World War One Zeppelin raid, a dramatic escape from Nazi occupied Poland or Rock and Roll dancing in the 1950s. All stories, little and large that make up people's lives.